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Old Morkadian

Evolution to new Morkadian

Tricky, often unlogical and filled with random v's and f's, the old Morkadian is a language which few speak, even though it is still widely known in Morkadia as a necessity to read old texts.   The biggest difference of the old and new Morkadian is the usage of k rather than v. In the past the kingdom used to be called Mahrkavia but with the comming of the printing press and various other forms of mass producing scripts and books, along with a rising amount of litteracy and public school the noble houses that represented linguistics arts, philosophy and literature suggested that the wild spelling and wordings needed a better structure to ease it.   The results ended up in many a h's being removed and many v's being replaced with d's in places they seemed more pleasant on the eye. Even with these changes the pronounciation has still managed to remain pretty much the same, though the a's have gone from an 'aeh' sound to a growling 'oh' in according to the spelling change.   The 'ad' is also pronunced as 'av' nowadays, in contrast to the old 'avf' which has caused the entire language to become clearer and more direct, to the difference of the old lisping.   The rules have also changed over time, as with example the words thar and thir, meaning rise and fall, above and under or higher or lower.   Instead of terms such as Mahr kalzhar solathar, the spelling and pronounciation have changed drastically to words like; Mohr thar kalzhar ô sola, which directly translates into; May rise over the mountain the sun.   This odd spelling also begs the question if Morkadia is named after the word may, but it's firmly stated such was just a coincident.  

Rules and structure

White and black, as the culture of the old Morkadian kingdom often pictured the world within it's golden ages, has certainly put it's marks on the language. As explained above, while the words thar and thir can be applied in the end of any word or sentence as a meaning of elevation, there are far more words that go under the same structure.   Ghazt âuz Bhazt meaning Good and Bad.   Viz âuz Svâr meaning Light and Dark, though a 'd' on the end of either word can remake the meaning white and black.   Daz âuz Nächt meaning Night and Day.   Some examples of how these words could be used is Drewghazt meaning good drow, Vaeladnächt meaning woods at night or Thein frâzturviz meaning your future is bright.   To make it even more complicated, one may change Thein frâzturviz to Thein frâztur lakkviz to change it's meaning into your future looks bright.
Spoken by
Common Phrases
Mahr kalzhar solathar - May the sun rise above the mountains. A commonly used blessing of fortune.   Azrak daâhr - Long health! Both a greeting and farewell.   Mergath - Curses!   Drewgath - Drow filth!   Daâhr'ka Vzar - Health to the king! (Vzar pronounced Vi-ts-aer)   Daâhr'ka Vzarina - Health to the queen! (Vzairina pronounced Vi-ts-aur-in-a)

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