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Essentia Crystals


Material Characteristics

While these crystals may look like large, cut gemstones even out in their natural forms in the wild, they are far from as hard as diamonds and also glow or even swirl like there was visible gas inside of them. Though further inspection have proved that the crystals are not hollow and they simply react differently to the exposure of different hues of light and darkness.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Depending on the crystal at play, the properties of them are vastly different. Some may be pleasantly hot to the touch, while others are scorching warm. Some may be cool to the touch, while others freeze your fingers. Some may be poisonous merely to digestion and easily handled without gloves, while others are dangerously acidic. Some crystals can even aid in healing wounds or cause necrosis depending on the type.

Geology & Geography

The crystals can be found around areas where a large deal of something happened. For example, white wind crystals can be found within windy crags. Red hot firecrystals and blue cold icecrystals can both be found in the desert sands, shaped by the day and night.   Crystals of death, disease and other vile and wicked aspects may be found on the remains of great battlefields, often growing out of the corpses of the dead. While crystals of light and heroism grow in the footsteps of the great and saints.

History & Usage

Industrial Use

Similar to runes, these crystals are vital for any use of magic, and some of the core materials for magi-tech.   Unlike Thaumtech the crystals don't require to be loaded as the runes have. The crystals are rather fueled from the day they were broken out of the ground and works more like coal. A slow but steady source of magical energies which can be inserted to fuel machines or weapons with abilities that are far greater than that of the runes limited usage.   The downside is the fact thaumtech is a much more permanent soloution as runes can both be recharged or strengthened if coated in essentia crystal dust. Though of course, the pure crystals have much larger array of uses.
From strawberries to putrid flesh and all between.
From blueberries to a rotten corpse and all between.
All of them!
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point

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