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The Pistoleers


Come and take my hand brother. Rise from your despair and wipe your tears away. Know that it is alright to feel, to cry, scream and release the pain inside!   Though your soul may feel like the gaping voids, fear not the night. Live long enough and never cease the fight, and I promise you that one dawn we'll be by your side!   Let your knee remain unbent. Let your mind remain unchained. As long as blood still pumps through your veins, fight. Never cease the fight!   Unleash the spirit within. Temper your bones harder than their steel. Forge your mind more powerfull than their thrones. Decline their magical powers for nothing more than your own flesh and blood. Never cease the fight!   Faith! Stand alone against the tides. Wrath! Let out the monster that sought to devour you from the inside. Finite! Feel the tranquility beat inside, as armies run from the flame in your eyes!   Then brother, only then shall we ride. Ride out to purge the lies that taint mankind. For us are the flame that burns ever bright.

An order forged from ancient tales

  A warband, a company of mercenaries or a gang of outriders. The Pistoleers have existed side by side with the Morkadian society and beyond since before the wheel and tempered steel. They've gone under many names, most forgotten to time. Only the ancient principles remain of the order. To protect the innocent, exterminate the evil and serve Morkadia's interests. In fact there is nothing really special about these rules, as many more orders share similar tenets.   What differes them from the rest is how they execute their operations. While most groups, be it mercenaries or a warband have some form of nobility, person of power or subordinate of the latters in charge, the Pistoleers lack a legitimate source of authority and could be considered criminals within the borders of Morkadia .   As the Pistoleers remain the only band daring enough to traverse the mountain regions that protect Morkalithe from countless threats, and to the world beyond, legal matters are complicated even further.   As Morkadia's solitude existence remains a well kept secret from the world beyond the Nightmare-zone, and the bands thick accents easily betray their heritage, the band go under cultural protection by the legislation by one of High Court's oldest rules that has been approved by all factions legates, that no culture or people is allowed to be removed from existance. Thus, as the only known group of Morkadians still alive, they are all considered high nobility and were given their own city to rule.  

The ones to refuse the gift

Though they aknowledge the power of magic, and that of the Sepulcher of the Saintly Queen, the Pistoleers want nothing to do with this abyss based force. Even though they know they are the Morkadians that wont die twice, they remain true to their faith in the old ways, and technology over mysticism. Steel, bone, flesh and blood will in their eyes always be more powerful than magical aid. Willpower and mind much stronger without it's tainting seed.  

IThe mission

The Pistoleers do not just bask in the riches and aid they've recieved from the kingdoms. Instead they actively try to sway and play the political tables by being a voice for the people as well as to handle in the interest should Morkadia ever return from it's solitude and embrace the larger world.   It is imperative that their public opinion should be as high as possible, to aid them in reclaiming their homeland but also in toppling their old government to establish a new one that will refuse the power of the abyssal gods.
Secret, Brotherhood
Controlled Territories

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