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Vigilante King

Regent Lord Kristoff Schurke

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Come in, have a glass o' dark beer and strike a seat. Let me tell ye a story o' deciet, glory and ultimately how I came in power o' Redfort bay.   It all started durin' my younger days in Mohrkova, it was but me twentieth cycle and before me lied the path where I'd have to make the choice o' a lifetime.   Between the abyss damned Maurdun and the alchemical madness o' house Locus, I could not find me lot within them. Nor would the strictly forbidding rules of the Castitas have fit a man like me.   I had little choice but to accept me fate or run away, like I always had. Young and foolish as I were, fate caught up with me like it always do the man who forsake his duty and faith. Though I did naught ran into the forgiving nature of me brethren, but the fury and fire of the foul drewgath slavers.   Ye could say, even though they flaunted the skin o' their flesh, I was the one caught with me pants down. A young man with neither experience nor courage, I was shackled up and brought away kickin' and screamin'. Sent with a ship like some royal package for the Eel and his wicked cronies to unravel. I knew not what awaited me on that island, but the shrieks and echoes of nails tearing on metal bars like chalkboards still haunt me sleep.   Though in the darkest hour, when I thought me lot would forever be a broken slave, there was a light.   Ye could hear it first, the feint sound of the water quakin', before it came. Balls o' pure lead smashed through the hull as pellets whistled past. I remember not much of what happened, but as the sea opened up, I jamp in.   From that day I was a free man, and the only Morhkovan that me fellow men had met. It was then I realized, to me horror, that should me homeland ever be rediscovered in it's current state, the empires would not come to save, but to purge the abyssal sin that our king embraced.   I knew what I had to do, but how a cowardly dog like I would ever be worthy for the Pistoleers to even set their eyes on... I had to change, and so I trained day by day to temper me body, sharpen me mind and prepare to finally catch up the race with me fate. Though no matter how much I tried, I was never the largest, smartest or fastest of the bunch.   In the end I fell back to what me friends said I was unrivaled at. Lyin' and decievin', usin' me charm to get out o' trouble as I stole, faked and conned me way to coin and fame.   I became an outlaw of wits, who used me skills o' diplomacy and knowledge o' law and culture to blindside guards and watchmen while me crew robbed them stripped to the underwear. Though as time passed and we grew rich and infamous, it dawned to me that I was once more running away from me duty. Not this time though. You see I had a plan in mind.   Under the guise of wealthy pirates I sought to meet with the Eel once more, and take me revenge.   At day, we bought the women. At night we had them smuggle back dynamite by the heaps. A week long operation with me heart almost bursting out me chest, as the hours and days passed of our grand deception. Then came the final day, and our coffers were empty. Everything had gone according to plan, 'till the moment one o' his damnable guardsmen found a charge o' which been set.   I knew not what got into me, but I drew me gun and fired. I ran like the hells themselves had opened up behind me, as they soon would, as I lit charge after charge, screamin' on top of me lungs. To the ships, get to the ships!   And the slaves ran, and the guards crashed towards us. Fear once more gripped me heart, but I knew if naught was done, the people would be slaugtered. Then, in the corner o' me eye I saw it. Criminals and crooks I had paid with hard gold drew their arms and ran to me side. Then we fought, and we fought in a glorious hailstrom as we painted the isle red in Drewgath slaver blood.   It was in the nick o' time we manned the ships, and raised the sails as the whole place set ablaze and sent us drifting into the sea by the powerful shockwave!   Later that year they found me in a tavern. Tellin' overdramatized tales for free ale. The rumors of a fellow Morkhovan doin' deeds of greatness had caught up with the Pistoleers and they offered me and me crew a place in their ranks.   Some o' us said their goodbyes, took their coin and left. Others stayed by me side and came to forever be me brothers and sisters as we sailed the seas, scrounged the lands and swindled the empires for our own little regent crown over the Redfort isle.   I hope ye like what we did to the place, and do enjoy ye stay!

Sweet, red revenge

Short, well kept.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White with a healthy tan.
Ruled Locations


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