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Sadarren Uprisings

Freeing the Sadarren Slaves

All we had to do was give them a spear or sword and they did the rest. Camp after camp, their slavers were butchered and I thought only the gnolls were capable of such savagery. Of course, a little fear-mongering probably pushed them on edge.

The Conflict


Gnolls made up the backbone of the Arkonian Order during the Elvarid Campaign. They were spent heavily and the Order needed new numbers to fill in the ranks.

Salazar Kiver stepped in, believing in a solution that would do the trick. The Sadarren slaves of the Drow made prime candidates for their numbers and hatred of their enemy alone.


Because of the cruelty inflicted by the Drow to their slaves, it only justified the exact treatment to prisoners. Whippings, breaking bones, various torture techniques, and all sorts of heinous acts that would define the cruelty of the Necromantic War. So being caught by either side was to be considered dead.

Undarid is a massive subterranean realm connected between Elvarid and Florenelle. Massive caverns and dimly lit conditions are the normality. Sunlight is nonexistent, for the only known surface is in the City of Mondomiri, but that province is fated with an eternal night.


Sadarren became the key defining race of people that swelled Arkonian ranks. They would be forever grateful to both Arkengrath and Salazar Kiver.

For the Drow, their own games of swindling and backstabbing was outmatched. Many were slaughtered out of revenge. Those who survived were treated as slaves by occupying Arkonians as an insult to injury.


The drow have never changed and still occasionally point fingers at the other for the cause of their Necro War defeat.

The sadarren remain free from their chains for the most part. Because their existence still frightens the older drow populace, they were particularly banished to the Shadowfell on Arkonia’s defeat.

Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Military Campaign
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
Sadarren are freed and the Drow defeated

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