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War of New Corinth


The people of New Corinth had some disagreements and hardships from Corinth. The Corinthant Merchant Guild had legal ownership of the Corinthant Ocean and heavily taxed anyone traveling between Corinth and New Corinth as long as the ship was not part of the Corinthant Merchant Guild. This meant that any merchant that was not part of the Corinthant Merchant Guild and settlers moving to New Corinth had to pay a travel tax while traveling to Corinth or New Corinth. Additionally, the Corinth government barely interacted with the people of New Corinth except to gather taxes. This meant that the Corinthant Merchant Guild was the highest authority in New Corinth. Any traveler over the roads in New Corinth were taxed by the Corinthant Merchant Guild. The people of New Corinth blamed the Corinthant government for these problems and started a revolutionary war.


The battles were mostly fought on New Corinth land. There were some naval battles as the New Corinthant rebels stole Corinthant ships. The major reason that the New Corinthants won was because of the terrain. The snowy hills and sheer cliffs benefited the unorganized New Corinth Army of Freedom's guerrilla tactics and stealth than the trained Corinthant Army's open combat tactics. The extreme cold temperatures also destroyed the morale of the Corinthant Army as about thirty percent of Corinthant Army soldiers deployed in New Corinth deserted during the War of New Corinth.


New Corinth won the War of New Corinth. Both sides lost many lives, but Corinth lost more than tenfold the number of lives lost by New Corinth. An estimated eight thousand lives were lost and fourteen thousand injured. In the Document of Freedom that was written as the peace treaty between Corinth and New Corinth the Corinthant Merchant Guild lost ownership of the Corinthant Ocean. Additionally, Corinth must recognize that New Corinth is its own country. All countries in Aruna currently recognize New Corinth as its own country.
Conflict Type
Winning Army/Country
New Corinth
Losing Army/Country

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