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The Uprising of Crystal Concord

The uprising of the concord happen in 1885 after the Guilds and Noble Houses decided it would be sensible to cut the head of the snake as they saw it and assainate the heads of Crystal Concord. This attempt failured spectularly with the would be assassins obliterated by the combined magic of the 4 leaders, this attempt happened in a temple of Mythal and the city temples were not happy that the Houses and Guild thought it was alright to spill blood in a holy place. So while they offical were neutral, they did give support to the concord with safe houses and meeting rooms within the temples and grounds of them.   The Concord had been formed ten years previously but had up to that spark had worked within the legal systems and negotiations with those in power for the supression of Mages to be reduced and removed, and they had started to be listened to by multiple groups within the city, it was slow but had been working and given another decade or two, the results would have been what they wanted, but the attempt of murder on leaders was seen as delceration that at least some of the Houses and Guilds would never be fully behind it, because it meant they had to admit that while the damage during the trader wars had been caused greatly by Magic, it wasn't the mages who decided but command by their Lords, and those Lords were to blame for the destruction.   The Concord after the attempt of murder, started to pinpoint and target opponents, Lords, Guild Leaders and other highly place officals within the governmental systems, not always to kill them but to remind them that they could die at any time, a magic trap, a firebolt aim at their hat or coach. The destruction of the walls surrounding their home. Those that had plotted the death of their leaders though were targetted in respond for the same, and over the next 5 years many died or had to live in total seclusion to avoid their death at the hands of the precursors of the Heralds and Mages.   Mostly the Concord hit property and business owned by the most outspoken, and kept deaths within the people of Bavo'sand to a minimum, their hit the most important thing to the houses and nobles, their wallets, and it started working, the general population saw the fact they had been abusing the mages and magic users of the city and that their had a right to be angry and to improve their lot. But the leaders kept trying to put the mages down. And then it happened, in 1993 at midwinter night the most outspoken house against the mages had their Grand House removed and all family members were taken, and the population of the city woke to the Crystal Tower being in the centre of the city and the area expanded to gardens and open spaces, it's almost as if the Mages created a new area in the centre of the city and pushed everything else away from it.   What happened next was the start of the modern age of the city, and the expansion of power of Bavo'sand from not just this sphere but to others in greater amounts than every seen before.


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Forgemaster Dimitris
Dimitris Havlidis
6 Aug, 2021 07:43

Beautiful work Enazel! Thank you for submitting on my special category! I really hope you enjoyed taking part in SummerCamp this year.

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