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The Murdering of Crows

The Murdering of Crows was the name of the attack of the Venistasia family against the Masons. Despite the name, the Venistasia family came out vastly victorious over the Masons, wiping out nearly all of their leadership down to a domestic level.

When the heart of the world broke, I was there.

I saw it high upon the tower, shimmering and golden as it thrummed. Its goddess danced within as the leviathans circled overhead, beautiful concentric rings of the handcraft of thousands of years of body sculpture, tiering upwards to such heights that the distance made them seem hazy and 2-dimensional.

Andrei broke the tranquility. He had stolen from the Masons, over time. Stolen their books and their works, to learn the ways of their meta. In darkness he created a cradle for a Leviathan form for himself, and was successful. With the other crows he lead an attack on the Masons, to claim the planet as his own.

The shadow of the Venistasia family spread its wings and blotted out the sun. They broke the heart of the world. Its beat is now slow, and sick. It prolongs suffering, it prevents death.

Please, destroy the heart. Let us die.

— Raynu of Kilnrest
Undead Revenant

It was a revolution! And you cannot have a revolution without blood, can you? Saumai was yet another world where we humans were expected to live on the shit scraped off of the shoes of our betters.

Andrei may have been cruel in his dispensation of justice, but if he hadn't done what he did we would still be living in their shadow. Saumai may be falling apart, but it's falling apart as our world.

Well yeah, if you put humans on a world with a delicate ecology, they're going to break it.


— Morkun



50 Leviathans

2,000 Psiolic

6,000 Infantry

300,000 Militia

5 Leviathans

1,000 Psiolic

8,000 Infantry

800,000 Militia



3 Leviathans

250 Psiolic

7,500 Infantry

125,000 Militia


Retain control of Saumai; survive.

Sieze control of Saumai from Mason interests.

Cover image: The Saumain Crow by Ademal via Midjourney


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That's what I call bloody, the blood of the casualties can fill a lake or two.

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