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Foundation War

The War of Beginning

The Earth was rotting, and that's what the colonies didn't want. The Foundation War was an uprising of colonies to overthrow and dissolve the Earth Nations, which led to the foundation of the Confederate State of Earth, a first true space nation.

The Conflict


The Colonization industry was trending; Many nations invested into it to gain the oversea territories which could be only a dream in the past on Earth. However, they were too much focusing on resources importing. The materialism consumed themselves bit by bit, until their homeworld started stale. The colonists couldn't do anything but to sink in dispair that they would never see the Earth they used to know.

The six biggest and most being consumed colonies later known as the Major Six, had decided that they needed to fix it before it's too late. Along with many smaller colonies, they declared themselves an independence.


Initially, Major Six were planning to form a strong Federation which could helped each other on developing themselves on economy. The attempt failed due to the fact that not everyone liked the instant uprising, especially the former direct property of the former governments. So, they could do nothing but add a 'con' into it. The result is the faithful Consitution, with a Mulati rebel leader became the first president.

For the people on Earth they were being evaculated, leaving behind only a few who's chosen and promised to protect this priceless heritage. Earth became the tourist planet and the president's house ever since.


Major Six and other members then began competiting themselves again on sensitiev subject known as colonization. Unlike Earth, they focused on political influencing. Despite being called confederation, some major political members changed their ideologies over time, but the unity they created would've lasted to the end of time....

...Until the Earth blew up.

Historical Significance

Technological Advancement

During the conflict, the concept of Jumper has been invented, leading to the development of military fleets. However, the colony developed their own fleets faster then people on Earth expected.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Conflict Result
The Fall of Earth, The Rise of Confederation





Regain the colonies, stop the rebellion
Take down the Earth


Author's Notes

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