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President of the Confederation

The President is the title of a person who lead the council of the Confederate State of Earth.


Before becoming the candidate, a person must become the Councilor first. Councilor is be a representative approved by the local government on each administrative planets of the state. The president can be a state ruler, but they can't hold both title.


The member of the council, consisting of all representatives from member states, are giving vote. If one of them has been voted by 75 percent of the whole council, they will win the election.


Other than leading the council and polotical things, they have to promote and help in various planets to gather public reputation. Normally, the holographic media is essentially use for this, but sometime they need to visit the place directly.


During their term, the president, or his board, are home on Earth; the most sacred place of mankind, where the country was formed.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The first thing to do on the president is giving them a personal tracker. This tracker will keep getting vital information back-to-back between the party via DSC to ensure the security of this important person. If the president die or end of term, the device will be removed.


It's formed after the forced dissoution of the old countries by the colonies. With no superpower on Earth holding them, the biggest allience later know as Major Six had discussed about the authority. They all know that it was impossible to form a federal government due to a very distinct governments. The presidental system would be the

Civic, Political
Consitution of the Major Six
Source of Authority
The popular support of each member of the council
Length of Term
8 years
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