Every glory had an origin story, and the humanity had no exception. It's hard to believe how such diverse, divisive, intelligent creatures, used to live together on a single planet like this. It would take a time and motivations of people to eject themselves and form into what they are now. However, with a single, unexpected incident from no where, along with the harmony of humans, all is gone.


Earth is the third from the sun in the solar system. It has about 65 percent made of water, while the land are divided into at least seven major continents. The atmosphere are denser, and the climate are extremely chaotic, that would take several million years to turn it back to normal.

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Undoubtedly more than 40 percent of the species distributed and consumed throughout the galaxy originate from here. Thousands of years themselves might mutated and altered, but their purest forms could be found here on Earth.


Throughout its history, the Earth's climate had altered several times. First, during the pre-confederation era, the Earth was nothing but toxicity. It was overpopulated and the air were barely breathable due to the excessive industries with resources from the space colonies. The climate then back to normal again as a result of the great exodus after the end of the Foundation War. Now the climate are unstable and inhabitable after the mysterious Catastrophe that not only ruined the Earth in the most harmful ways, but also started the war known as the Major Six War.


Prior to the destruction, the earth was known as the popular attractions fro tourists around the universe. They came to visit many historic landmarks as well as the dedicated museums on each continents, learning their own origin and history in the easiest yet deepest way possible. The Earth also placed the residential building of the President of the Confederation, who's the head of state, the head of government, and the citizen number one with the lifetime ticket.

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