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The Generation Ship Pilot

In the early day of human colonization, humanity found the way to sail pass The Sol with near light speed vessel, and by putting passagers in cyrosleep chambers were consideed the popular choices to keep everybody in place. However, the ship has to be controlled manually by human, the creature with great instinct and aptitude. They couldn't rely on automation alone. They must have a pilot.



The man must have learned that won't be able to witness the destination. It was a sacrifice they must have know to theirr heart.



To menuvour the colony ship in over light-year long destination safely. They also have to maintain the ship's capability, as well as steering its course to avoid any incidents that could ended their mission in catastrophe.


They are probably speaked in old earthen language like English.



Some used the generation of pilots with tales and religions to keep them going. Some are using group of pilots cryosleeping, which will be opened one by one in the same interval. Some try to use the artificial intelligence which not as good as they think.

The Undeniable Upgrate

By the time they arrived at the desired desinaion, the jumpers had already been invented. I reduced the time travelling by lightyears. For example, going to that normally took around 4 years is reduced to a merely days - or hours. It opened humanity the gate to the new era of exploration, making travel another system look like going to work in the Tuesday morning. Sadly, the people in colony ship would never known it existed. Even the powerful DSC in their hands, the people on Earth decided to mute this news to the pilots to contain their morale.

Over seven thousand years of Confederation, there are apporoximately more than five hundred generation ships that being found and tracked, moving slowly trying to reach their unknown destination. Only time will tell the hard truth and that's only thing they can do.

Whenever they arrived and found it has been colonized by thousand years, or encounting either a trader or a pirate who talk in a over-evolving language, it was the duty to solve for the only those onboarding the ship alive - the pilot.

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