This technology used to be the important part of the humanity's space colonization. Now it's just a relic of the past.

Cryosleeping is the technology to preserve any living creature for a very long distance and time without aging up or dying in the procress. For most of the people it's just like freezing themselves but its know-how is what specialist can easily learn and understand.

The Rise

The people back then are able only travel as fast as the quarter of the speed of light, but still taking around 20 years to reach the nearest star syatem. Nevertheless it's been used widely by the Ancient Earth Nations for deep-space travel maybe a couple hundred of years that were the peak of this. Plenty colony ships have been deployed from the Earth, hoping to get there within centuries.

The Fall

The better technology of jumping reduced the duration by lightyears, and so reduced the improtance of cryosleeping. They don't need to hibernate inside a little casket anymore, just sitting on their favorite chair and driving to the destination like a personal car. It's also require many complex and percise components in which if one of them are broken, you might accidentally find an instant way to entering the afterlife.

Nowaday it's only been found at medical bay, perserving heaviliy wound or terminal ill patient to be waiting for the treatment. It's can be found around the upper-class houses throughtout the confederation.

Interestingly, there is a rumor that in space, some pre-confedeation ships might still trying to reach the destination, and by the time they arrived, the people would be confused by millenniums.

Access & Availability

The most commercial product are the personal chamber. You get in there, close the lid, set the timer and BOOM - you're now the immortal living popsicle.


For most people this feel like a mystery box. Nobody know what is inside and how valuable can it be. They might be thinking for killing their time during the long-activity such as waiting the planet to be terraformed which is not quite a good thing in some case, but there are some people have tried sleeping for eternity.


Author's Notes

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