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"Icarus" Jumper

The most sufficient and fastest way to travel through space is Jumping; To ultra accelerate to specific destination by using a special engine.

In order to operate the jumping, you will need: a galactic map, advanced computer, a collision-resistance hull, and a large battery. Sometimes you might hire a repairman to do maintaining.

First, initializing a pathway; Select the destination you want, then routing the path. It's the best way to use a computer to calculate for so you don't have to be nervous if doing it by yourself.

When the specific path is completely routed and you're ready to jump! The engine with fully-to-overloaded charged will rapidly accelerate the ship into faster-than-light speed, warping through the fastest path until you reach the final destination.

Those jumping device usually come as a ship's built-in, but sometime a manufacturer might only sell a standalone version, or assembly pack in which customers have to build it by themselves, because the more effective ship, the higher price to pay.

Furthermore, this type of device need to be integrated with other propulsion, or else the engine will fall apart. It also cost so much energy, may cause the ship to shut down. Some cases happened midway, unfortunately. So, the user has to choose it carefully.

The most common device in the market is JD-45; the typical engine with the combination of accelerator and high-speed embedded computer. It is developed and distributed by C.S.E. as the essential part all the ships should have, otherwise you would take centuries of fly-by just to reach an another system.


Defined by design; It can be a roughly homemade experimental engine, or a luxurious high-end instant jumper.

Item type
Maybe high as 2 cars stack together, or big as 2-floors house.
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It's the best way but still—very dangerous, since the gravity can affect the path. It's nicknamed "Icarus" after the incident of unlucky man who was vaporized after his ship was jumping too close to a star.


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