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Fissionable Metals

Uranium. Plutonium. Radium. etc. All these radioactive "Niums" are popularized as the essential sources of energy, especially space ships. From propellent of thrusters to recharging the jumpers.

It also can be used to generate heat for inhabitation. The Conventum cannot be warmed enough without the help of great ventilation. It even used in heating body for terraforming or creating artifical planet core.

However, mining required various dangerous and exposing it is always a death sentence. The radioactivity is consistent, might cause the lethal effects in long-term on living organisms, including humans.

History & Usage


Finding ore is very difficult, finding a pure source is nearly impossible. It can be found like that only on the newly created planets. It also has to be processed, extracting and sometime enriching them until it'sa pure metal, in order to be useful.


Unevetibly, Many space nations use these elements for weapons. Many are being used for powering their energy weapon or being part of the weapon, but the most controversial is nothing but the traditional warhead.

A nuclear warhead is complicated in itself, but compared to a laser or energy phaser, which used nuclear as well, it makes a warhead look so easy to make like toast. It is super effective, with simple produce but high yield. It also left radiation after its detonation. Missiles and bombs can do damage to large fleets, and if have enough, can destroy the whole planet, poisoning it for thousand or million of years. Some nations forbade the usage in any warfare, especially on bombardment.

Reusability & Recycling

The recycling process is possible but only yield little results, and such it's not recommended.


Trade & Market

In CSE, demand and supply are keep in touch. It can be sought as material or products. These are usually be sought at very high price. The most popular product are battery, designing to allow the user to replace the used-up one. I's also very effective like The size are vary, some are tiny enough to be put on Pocket Galactic Map. Some are large which is used in jumpers with a capable of 20 years capacity, but 2 months for jumping.

Elemental / Molecular
Mostly shiny silver or grey. May glow in the dark in some type.
Common State
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