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The Central Power

Conventum is an ecumenopolis planet serving as the capital of Confederate State of Earth for the government to host assemblies.


In order to support the population of Conventum, million tonnes of foods is supplied by cargo ships from agricultural planets every standard month.


As one of the most bustling place on the galaxy, the infrastructure is well-made for the masses. Public transportation, consisting of flying taxis and trains, are the most popular way for citizens to travel.


Conventum holds one of the most essential project of the confederation; The Hub, a massive data center to process the intergalactic communication system technically known as DSC, providing rapid valuable information and service such as galactic map to the deep-space megaweb.

With The Cartograpghy Act, the project is neutralized, not able to be controlled by any nations.


Following the evaculation of Earth, the former capital of mankind, the government of C.S.E. began to search for the planet to be their new de facto administrative center. The result was a habitable planet at the Uzin system, where its position was surprisingly aligning to all Major Six capital planets.


The single metropolis engulfed the entire surface of the planet. Built in levels of steels and infrastructures, the overall appearance from space is looking smooth and silvery, although some of lakes and oceans still visible.


According to historians, the planet used to be smaller and barren, brimming with a few species of shrubs and grasses. While mainland was dried, there were a natives habitating around the large ocean, who may lived there before the war. Their direct desandants are still exists today, in a small number.

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Central Power
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