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DSC - Deep Space Communication

The Deep Space Communication (DSC) is the interplanetary communication system used by Confederate State of Earth. It's developed to fast-communicate to anywhere in the nation within the range of parsecs. It revolutionizes the way of telecommunication; Datas can be transfered in real time compared to weak, old, and slow electromagnetic wave they used to.

DSC has been used for centuries or maybe millenniums and so on.


DSC consists of many orbital stations on different systems distributed around its territories, connected altogether through the hub, creating an enormous web of information.

The Station

All stations are built with under the same diagram, same appearance, and same amount of materials, which mean each station will works equally but limited at the same time. A self-powering energy source and a high-powered shield provide everlasting continuity. The maintenance is unknown.

The Hub

Stability depends on some sort of centralization. The Hub is the operation center to connect those stations altogether, as well as data storage for useful information like the galactic map. The location of the Hub is always in the capital planet, which is now Conventum on the Uzin system.

Social Impact

DSC is the government's greatest tool. They can go meeting in the capital from a gigantic long distance without risking themselves in the dangerous space, or sending top secret files through personal-created encryption protocol.

Furthermore, the government sell data channels with various privileges for whatever reasons, making it available to private corporations. From logistic to entertainment complex.

Any individuals too can get benefit from DSC if they can pay millions.


Either before or after the formation, the project's detail is long classified, as they like to tell "For the stablity of the nation"

It's so long even they might not know who made this anymore.

Access & Availability

As it's designed for a large-scale activity, DSC is only used for political and commercial purposes.


Humanity had discovered the way to send the signal into deep space without decay of the medium and thus the data consistency. With the classified special wave that considered better than an ordinary electromagnatic wave, any data can be sent as far as about 2-3 kiloparsec with several pentabytes per seconds.

According to historical evidences, the discovery took a few decades during the process of early colonizations. By the time the nearest system to the sol colonized, the first station was completed and began fully operating to communicate its settler.

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