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Pocket Galactic Map

Have you ever tried to find your way back home but are still losing a mystery planet? or between a gigantic void of dark matter?

Not anymore!

Introducing PGM: the fast and easy way to map, coordinate and navigate yourself in a wide, wide galaxy.

From the professional wanderer to the ambitious traveler, this is the best tool for you to not get lost—at an affordable price.

No more struggle in the abyss with the help of PGMToday!
— As seen on Hologram Infomercial

Pocket Galactic map is a handheld device that gives any position within the galaxy to the user. It contains trillions of geological and astronomical data, combined into a single galactic map.


  • Showing the entire galaxy in the form of hologram.
  • By touching the star or any planet you see, it will zomm in and display the basic information as well as deeper details of its surface. You can also spin it around for fun!
  • It can locate your position in case you're lost in space.
  • Some models can be used with your ship's sensors, providing more efficiency for your journey.
  • Worrying about the battery drying out? the built-in reactor can supply the map until the end of time, so you can't worried about the anything else.
  • *Holostylus not included.*
But, what if the planet I want to visit just wiped by a supernova, what should I do?
— Don't worry, if you're within our territory, you can contact us, C.S.E.. We'll update it for you!
Item type
Navigational Aid / Instrument
Related Technologies
At minimum size of a palm


PGM is sold in various grades and designs. If you want to use a fully functional device, the orb design is the best choice:

by Adcheryl

Pushing the button on the center and Voila!
If you want to know where you are, it will be shown in highlight, like so


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