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Holostylus (Holo-stylus)

Drawing on paper is great, drawing on the screen is also great, but what about drawing out of nowhere? Wouldn't it be great too?

Holostylus: the very useful tool selling within the Confederate State of Earth. It's a handheld stylus in which you can draw anything out of the space to create priceless 3D pictures of your desire.

A single pen comes along with a built-in 3D hologram projector, for a convenient personal sketchbook, with only a single button to open it.

For maximum efficiency, it's recommended to use alongside a hologram projector. If a built-in version is a sketchbook, the projector is a canvas. The projector uses the laser as a medium to receive a position of the pen's tip (within its drawing range), converting into graphical coordination, and displaying while drawing simultaneously. You don't have to calibrate it beforehand - it can do that automatically.

Despite its powerful built-in processor, it can be attached to an external high-speed computer for even more fast and more precise imagery.


Despite being used mostly by the upper-class people on Confederate State of Earth, everyone can use it. The possiblity is limitless.


From simple buildings to complex mechanisms, you can design them anytime, and everywhere, even waking up with your dream remembered.


The pen has a customizable colored light, and you're able to project multiple colors at once. It's up to you, the free-hand drawer!


the galactic map is hard to draw without measuring tool and exploration report, but holostylus already has some functions of such things to correct your mistake.


By drawing on a 3D map and computer help calculating the route for each jumping, this is a great tool for you!

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Electronic / Cybernetic
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4/9/2022 - Post-SC edit #1

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Aug 10, 2021 21:27

This is a great and original writing tool! Must be quite nice to be able to write in empty space. I like how it can be used both with a built in 3D hologram projector or an external one.

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Aug 16, 2021 11:37

Thanks! :D

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