The Cartographer

Maps are critical for traveling in vast space. Although a faster-than-light travelling is possible, humanity hasn't known even half of the galaxy. This lead to an infinite opportunity of galactic explorations—the reason that a Cartographer is working for.



Their particular job is to voyage through the unknown star system where the DSC mega-web is unreachable, studying and mapping all planets and moons in it, before taking the research back when the mission is over. Since the best way to learn new things is a direct visit, they usually go on a team with each mission typically lasted for months or years—not including a time to recharge due to jumping limitation.



In planet's orbit, they gather basic information such as geographic features, number of satellites, significant anomalies, via scientific installments available onboard or personal brought. They could drive down into the atmosphere if necessary but no landing intention.

Afterward, all informations then will be combined into storage to make a holographic region map of a whole planetary system, which will be transferred back to The Hub on Conventum via the nearest DSC station, adding to the grand database of the vast, precious, universal galactic map.

Provided Services

The region map they produced is not only useful for knowledge expansion and convenience tools, but also for colonizing, expanding DSC, and finding any other human habitation around the outlaw rimworlds, giving the confederation an opportunity to acquire and unify.

Research / Scientific
Ranks & Titles
Related Technologies

A Galaxy in Your Pocket

by Adcheryl

This official PGM can receives millions of celestial bodies informations from the Hub. It comes with three-dimensional holographic projection of true colors, showing the orb's coordination, and more features to suit any spacer's activities.

One of the main feature is a special mapping, allowing the Cratographer to record all observation during their exploration using their personal Holostylus.

A cracked version may allow user to create a custom map based on current position without DCS recognization; A good opportunity for hiding secret.


Author's Notes

21/7/2022 - minor update

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