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The hologram or holographic projection is an imaging technology to create a virtuall, three-dimensional object out on an empty space. Invented in Confederate States of Earth, it has been used on several aspect of their society.

Holograms can be seen around the populous planet such as Conventum, one of the biggest manufacturers, It's such a cool technology with no harm except their wallets - the further the capital, the more expensive it is.

Nevertheless, the projectors can be sought on via the Farland Company, the private merchant association. Most of them ain't required DSC connection so every machine can be used freely without confederation restrictions, as the creators were initiated.

It is sought in detachable components or completely standalone machines.


The bare machine consists of an array of microscale lasers and a powerful processor. These will eject laser beams to intersect each other in order to make three-dimensional voxels. With many of them combined, it will create a glistening object free-floating in the air.

Pocket Galactic Map, one of the machine to implement the hologram.

This technique also allows the user to interact with the image. The best way to interact it is to use Holostylus, the multi-purpose drawing tool. It can be connected seamlessly without any calibration. Holosytus also comes with a built-in projector for a personal notebook.

The image color can also be varied, but most of them have light blue tints with mild light emission. The projector with true color hologram and natural lighting is considered the best and without a doubt, the most expensive.

Children Technologies

It is impossible for one person to build even its component without high-tech assembly and high funding, and so it is mostly manufactured by wealthy organization.


The hologram was invented during the early confederation - about a first hundred years after the end of the Foundation War. The development took a few decades before public. It's been used for political reasons before it was distributed for commercial uses.

The first ever projector had been used for a span of an estimasted thousand years.

Have you ever wanted a fancy display for your favorite item but it doesn't exists anymore?
  Have you need the art you can't afford?
  Buy our projector today!
— As seen on Hologram Infomercial

Social Impact

Deep Space Communication

The ability to create the imagery in real-time allow people to easily act themselves with much accurate, even they are from several lightyears apart thanks to the powerful DSC signals.

The Central Power Hall installs a projector on each representative seats of the main meeting room, The Grand Light Hall, to easily communicate from a long distance by transmitting an actual representative from their own capitals with encypted signal. Nothing bloodly wrong happen since.


Mapping the planetoid masses on a globe is much more accurate than on a sheet. Many cartographers have their own pocket map to store and manipulate for each of every bodies on the star systems they visitted.


To attract the people in, the commercial projectors are able create an image up to kilometers. Such big projectors can be found on the pleasure planets and oribital spaceports.


Even the seamlessly good projector with the best visual can comes with a cost. It have been subjected to the contribution in crime by several space pirates as the disguistion tool for smuggling, transpessing, and hiding the loots.

Can we project the entire planet? This can be the greatest trap in the galaxy's history!
— One of the pirate crew before being slapped back to reality


Author's Notes

Thanks to Amélie I. S. Debruyne for the Technology unofficial challenge!

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Apr 29, 2023 13:20 by Amélie I. S. Debruyne

Nice article! Of course there would be bloody kilometres-long infomercial... How common the use of hologram is, with how expensive it is? do normal people have access to it or is it mostly big companies and politicians?

May 24, 2023 18:27

Sorry for the very late reply, but thank you!   Most people usually use holograms for entertainment and commercial reasons. The nearer the capital, the more frequent users, and the cheaper the devices. Despite the possibility it has, some people might value the traditional way rather than the digital one depending on which societies you found in the galaxy.   Hologram requires many parts that are manufacturers' secret, so it depends on how the people purchase these. Standalone devices are more expensive than assembling parts by parts, and the larger it can project something, the more money to buy.   People can access holograms in various ways: Buying premade gadgets such as maps and styluses, finding the broken one and reprogramming it, or what the wealthy and companies might prefer - commissioning the custom device directly from the manufacturer.   Although it can be used independently, many Hologram applications commonly found require the galactic internet in order to use it at full potential, so most of the holograms are commonly found within the range of such network itself.

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