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Powered Shield

When hologram goes hardened

Shields are the symbol of security since the time we only has a thick stick. Now the shields is powered and be used in everywhere - like a spaceship.

Protecting your ship is great, but wouldn't it be better if it can direct protect your own skin? And that's what we are going to sell you: the Shield Belt

Using the same technology as on the hologram, the buckle can generated an invincible shell able to defect any inbound objects like a rubber. We can make you tougher, stronger and more secure in your life - well, 30 days consecutive at most.

The shield also transparent and non light-disturbing, allow youself to show off your fashion you desires.

Buy one and get one free at nearby shop stations. Today!

— Infomercial powered by Holo-Vision


The possibility is up to infinity. From the personal protective, the defensive shield on a warship, to the megasphere covering the entire planet.


Powered Shield can be generated in various way. There are not much of the sciences behind in order to understand the shielding process, but it uses the same principles of what the hologram does. A single shield can cover the entire object, setting itself to be transparent, or altering the visual to disguise. The array of shield projectors can increase the size and capacity.

The most simple requirement to keep it sustainable and effective is an excessive of electricity, and so most of them are powered by the source simillar to what is used to power another energy-consumed devices, jumper, but in a smaller scale.

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Access & Availability

Depending on size, usage, and quality. You can't compare the durability on the makeshift pocket shield on a belt to the military-graded factory-built buckle.

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