Powered Shield

Hologram goes hard

Shields are the symbol of security since we have only a stick, but wouldn't it be better if it has been powered? This is what we gonna sell you which is the Sheild Belt! Using the same technology on the hologram we can make you stronger and more secure, while not being distracted by the look, keeping your fashion along the way. Buy one and get one free today today!
— Infomercial powered by Holo-Vision


Up to infinity. From the personal protective, the defensive shield on a warship, to a posibly the megasphere covering the entire planet.
Subject to change
Parent Technologies
Access & Availability
Depending on size, usage, and quality. You can't compare the makeshift pocket shield on a belt to the military-graded one.
Powered Shield can be generated in various way. Not much of it are known in order to understand the shielding process, but it's used the same principles of what the hologram does. The shield can cover the entire object, setting itself to be transparent or altering the visual to disguise them while also defecting any inbound objects. The most simple requirement is that a Powered Shield use a lot of electricity to keep it sustainable and effective, and so most of them are powered by the source simillar to what's used to power the jumper - in a smaller scale.


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