Colonization is the process of establishing new ownership over celestial bodies outside their own territory. Since the early era of exploration, the human had develop the knowledge of colonization.

There are many reason to own colony: Gathering resources, distributing population, unique natural wonders, or expanding power in the form of sphere of influence.

Colony doesn't need to have people, or need to be on a planet; A single comet in the lone star system also considerable to be colonize.

Getting Colonies

People can just land on any planet and live, but finding what they're similar is better. A ideal earth-like planet might be the best choice to settle however, not every planets are properly fit in that condition. As such, some modification is required.

The oldest way to do it is Terraforming. By manipulating some planet's element to fit inhabitant's physicality as close as possible such as water, air, cilmate, etc. However, some crucial part can not be changed so easily, and if so, the consequence would be so high.

Another way is Megastructure. These are not requiring any foundation, as it can stand on its own. From orbital stations to artificial planets., it mostly depend on engineering technology rather than existed geography, which make it flexible but cost more.

Colonization also need some form of centralization to ensure their ownership, either trade route or telecomminucation, the stronger connection the better. For example, DSC is used by C.S.E. to control all colonies within the range of intergalatic network system, which is fast and powerful, extand its lifespan for over thousand years.

Colony Industry

The growth and greed of humans never stopped. By that fact alone the colonization become an interesting industry. Many people for many reasons want their dream colony. Since getting such things need a lot of money, resources, and tools, hiring a professional colonizer would be a more worthy choice.

Currently, there're two well-known companies that focus on a different type of colonization:


Otherworld Construction Corp. (OCC.)

The pioneer of artificial planet creating, master in their craft to the extreme. All their work have been done with sturdy, swiftness, and care.

Nature Harmonic

The terraforming expert. They can control every element of any planet to be whatever they want. Though the slow progress let them become less fortune, the result is still a guarantee.

Notable Colonies
Terra Coriolis

The Instant Planeter

There's a myth of a god-like machine that can turn any planet, no matter how difficult it be to manipulate, into a habitable one in an single attempt. It has been lost as long as the age of space colonizing, and little to no clue of its existance.

Both companies are competiting themselves to aqquire such precious invention for their own sake; One of them want it profitly, and one of them want it destroyed.

Instant Planeter
Myth | Sep 7, 2020

The lost terraformer


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