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Ancient Earth Nations

Thanks to their ancestries, Humanity don't have to stay on their homeworld anymore. Although their generation were long gone, nobody could imagined today without them. It'd have no deep-space exploration. No billion investing in colonization and neo-imperialism. It would even had no confederation with the Earth on its name.

Ironically, it was their own products that led to their own demise.


According to historians and recorded pieces of evidence, Earth used to be varied in ethnicities and cultures, living together on the single habitable planet in the Sol system. Humans lived in nations with numerous names, borders, and ideologies to divide themselves apart, leading to numerous conflicts. Nevertheless, the people could exchange their own goods by any transportation under the same atmosphere, with a so much shorter distance compared to the present.

Speaking of present, the legacy was indistinguable. Some people around the known galaxy still call themselves with the name from Earth, speaking Earth-influenced languages, or perfrom Earth's traditions, both directed or adapted.


A long time ago, Earth was like a galactic nation but only on a single planet, a planet they left behind. Many nations rose, divided, and fell throughout history. Human as the aggressive sentient specie with curiosity, the colonization had been started long before it even had a name to describe which had been, well, against themselves.

Much like the concept itself, there were always some who were weak, and some who were strong. And with no more land to conquer, nations decided to think beyond the sky—and that was when everything started.

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No one really knew which kickstarted such an ambitious project first, but it was achieved by the superpowers before the rest could follow. Many essential technologies were invented in which the Confederation still used today; The DSC system allowed the fast communication between the Earth and colony, though the space jumping came decades later.

The incredible wealth coming from the space colonization was supposed to bring a better future for humanity, however, it turned out to become a disadvantage; People were too bonded with the Earth. Tonnes of resources were imported from off-space just for their own greed to be satisfied. With uncontrollable wastes, the unbalanced ecosystem, and the overpopulation, once beautiful planet had became too polluted to recover.

As a result, their independence had come to an end when one of the biggest colonies gathered the fleets to assault the Earth to stop that monstrosity.


With the Earth's defeat, the colonist not only dissolved all the governments, gaining control over the DSC, but also mass evaculating people to turn the Earth into a living museum.

Thousands of years had passed, and no one would recognized them anymore. The only reminders of these ancient earth nations are in a form of historical records, which can be found only on the confedeation's capital, Conventum, forgotten inside the deepest vault of the national library.

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