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TItanoon is the human colony on Titan, the legendary moon of Saturn. of the Sol. It's one of the first colonies ever established as well as the first colony to focus on resource-gathering - in this case, to gather methene. A majority of methene in the surface and atmosphere is valuable for essential technologies such as fertilizers, fuel, and of course, plastic.

Although the moon's methene was largely depleted, the community is expanding throughout the time into an acceptable colony.


Since Titan is in the solar system, it become under the Earth's control. It has a local authority, but not as powerful as the president.


Titanon consist of several biodome around the north pole where the methene lakes still present. Colonists are living under the closed environment, with its own ecosystem and nature. No air and waste leaking outside the base.

The planet contain a large amount of methane and waters underneath the surface. They use it as the primary source of energy and exports. The methene's chemical power plant generate electricity and heat to keep the right condition for plants and colonists as well as the water being converted into breathable air.


Before the city was formed, the initial area used to be a pump station for a plastic company. They're pumping, storing, and bring them to the Earth by spaceships, to be produced into various useful materials.

The production ceased to operate after the fall of the nations. Terra people were forced to abandon Earth to various colony planets, and one of them is Titan. By the time they arrived, about a half of all titan's lake methene had been depleted. The Titan was never been the same since.

400,000 - 600,000

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