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Mulatos Democratic Republic

Mulatos Democratic Republic is a space superpower and the biggest member of the Major Six. It's been well-known for its vast territory and military. Compared to others, it controls about half of the colonies under the Confederate State of Earth.


Mulatos is a federal democratic republic, divided into 16 sections, each with its own government and industry. The home and federal planet is Hantonium.

The government have two presidents: One for the head of government, and one for the confederate councilor. Although the confederate version is much more superier, the real power come from the republic version.

The problem is that the current president, and the past two, come from the same family, resulting in the public doubt of the monarchization. Won every elections, 14 years has passed and they’re going for the third term.


Mulatos is likely known for expansion during the early day of the confederation. For the past thousand years the republic stretched itself across the arm of the galaxy, with more than thousand systems being colonized, and the entire population of 2 billion people.

Other than military force, they also conquer by colonizing as well. The republic is a home of two but different colonization private companies: Otherworld Construction Corp. and Nature Harmonic.


Inciding Decision

Without Mulatos, no one would ever dare to free themselves from the Earth that rotted with their colonial resources. Mulatos, descended from an unknown warlike nation, along with a group of the other five big nations, made a surprise attack against the Earth, which ended within a few months.

To honor the bravery and freedom they gave to all colonies, they formed the confederation with its own constitution, allowing the members to do whatever they wanted with shared benefits.

Rising Action

Over time, the republic itself became larger while remained stable, controlling most of the galaxy’s arm. With such amount of resources, the Mulatos developed military force to. An approximate 60 percent of the Major Six’s manpower, it’s been acclaimed by those members as the peacekeeper of mankind.

However, they currently faced a new competitor. The Huegan's post-civil war growth in economy, imperialism, and militarism, increased its power as much as Mulati did 200 years earlier, causing them to force against them in production to maintain their prestige. Not only that internal tension increased throughtoutthe Confederation, but also the bloody conclusion that would follow.

Unevitable Ending

That was what happened after the Earth's sudden destruction. The current de facto who perished on that day was a Mulati. With evidences toward one of the Huaganian allience, Mulatos declared war on them as a response. Along with both alliances, the war become known as the Major Six War.

One of the well known battle was the battle of Finness, an arid planet, where they crushed the newly built fleets with outnumbered force into the ground. Despite queionable loss, Mulatos still strong in the eye of the public. The thing is, how long will it be?

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Democracy, Presidential
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