Finness (Fin-ness)

Finness is a stranded, desert planet. It's under the territory of the Mulatos Democratic Republic. Nobody know why it's so important, but at one time they tried to protect they had lost so much of their fleets - most in their history.


Dunes, dunes and dunes. This planet is so barren and arid all we can see are dunes. The desert is so large only 20% is a solid rocky surface. It has a very fine grain of sand, so tiny it feel like water. Surprisingly, the entirely of desert is changing overtime in a specific pattern, and when we took a longer look into it, we had proved ourselves - it has a current. This whole desert is a sand ocean.


The planet was the main battlefield on the Battle of FInness during the Major Six War. The fleets from the Mulatos Democratic Republic has fought against those of the Huegan Empire. Nobody knew much why the The battle ended with the Mulati's desitive victory who almost eliminated all of the Hueganian's fleets, even though they lost a quarter of their questionable size.

As a result, the wreckages and debris from both sides had entered the atmosphere, crashing onto various area of the planet. Several of them crashed onto the rocky surface, while the other crashed into the desert where its spectacular currents caused those to be either sunk or floating.

You don't want to know about what it feel like where the whole planet is a quicksand. You want it? Alone and helpless.
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