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Franklin Endur

Franklin Endur

Franklin Endur is a Hueganian pilot who learnt to build ship from scratch. He takes care of it more than his wife - if he has one.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He's born in Huegan State under the Confederate State of Earth. When he's 22 he joined the Huegan force as the pilot and became one of the best in his division. When the Major Six War emerged, he led the squadron in the battle of Finness.

Sadly, he crashlanded onto that desert planet along with the defeat of his fleet. All he could see when awaken was nothing but debris. Even worse, he stuck on the most isolated area in the entire surface, so no chance he could called for an aid. With a lack of mechanicial skill surrounded by seversely torn wreckages, he have to learn how to build a new ship from scratch.

Unexpected Journey, Unexpected Love

Major Spoiler!

He rescured Mortis who was being chased by something. They aboard together and fly off in emergant. Thoughout the journey, they at first, but the more they did, the closer they got, though no one explained first.

This was until their ship was destroyed and they were locked in the wreckage with limited air. The moment they were about to sufficate, the moment he'll told his feeling. Before their perish, they're being rescured (or captured) by another pirate, Rubin Bones.

The journey continued, as well as their brittlesweet relationship.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Became the pilot
  • Built his own ship
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • Lost his ship
  • Twice
  • Personality Characteristics


    Presumed as M.I.A., he wants to go back to meet his family on his homeplanet.

    Current Location
    Currently Boarded Vehicle
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    76 kg

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