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The Couple, The Smuggler, and the Machine of Life

It began in the middle of the story...

It is the Major Six War. Many fleets were destroyed in the battlefields, leaving enormous wreckages among some good loots. Like many moments in his career, Rubin Bones and the Betty Mary immidiately jumped to one of those aftermeth with no hesitation - the early bird catches the worm.

Bones wasn't an easily trustful man. He was betrayed once when doing so, scarring him for many years, changing the rule to keep him safe - both physically, and mentally.

Inspecting. scanning. All from inside the ship, these are things he usually did while scavaging. He did it so carefully to ensure something dangerous won't be found. And that's what he finds behind a slightly damaged airlock box: A low signal of two human lives.

by Adcheryl

He never thought to rescue something like this. In fact, he would've let them die without anyone noticed, but what he saw directly on the monitor caused him a sympathetic feeling. He decided to bring the box into the ship...



Mortis Alba

by Artbreeder

The mysterious Mulati girl on a secret mission in Finness. She's getting help from Franklin after she got chased because of thing she stole; The valuable information of Instant Planeter, the machine that could create life, and death.

The clock is ticking and she must find it before the enemy, but what she has failed is falling in love with Franklin.


Franklin Endur

by Artbreeder

The Hueganian's best pilot. He stranded in the barren planet Finness after being defeated in the space battle above. The survival skills he developed to escape from such place turned himself a skillful mechanic.

Being presumably dead, he wanted to get his life back with anything possible. He may lose his ships twice, but third times a charm - right?.


Rubin Bones

by Artbreeder

The lone smuggler. Eveything by himself, the only companion he trusted is Betty, the ship's A.I.

Unsed to dream of becoming the fighter pilot but being rejected, it's needless to say that he didn't like Franklin much.



The unique artificial intellience who control the Bones ship. Although her abstracted, It's easy to say that the ship is her physical.

Plot type
Plot: The Machine of Life, Act II


Eveyone's goals are different:

  • Mortis wants to complete her mission; to find the mythical machine of life.
  • Endur wants to go back to his family in the distant home-planet, reclaiming his existence.
  • Bones wants to get rid of them, but his immorality still inextnihgush so it's must be harder.
by Adcheryl
A map stolen from secret base under the surface of Finness.

On a harsh, cold, unknown space. Three people and the moving crib must come together on a galactic advanture that would changed the course of history, and maybe, themselves.

Will these be solved? Let's jump right into it!

Betty Mary by Adcheryl


Author's Notes

My overdue plot is finally begin to shape! It's been 6 years since I started working on this during the new years eve 2015 :)   It's also the last article before hitting 10k! WorldEmber is done!

10/6/2022 - Post-WE edit #1

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Jan 19, 2022 09:05 by Gavionara

An exciting introduction to your world and plot! Once again great job with the artwork; along with the layout, they really compliment your work. Congrats on your 6 years of hard work!