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The pirate's best friend

Betty, previously ENO, is an artificial intelligence who is a assistant of Rubin Bones.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

As a loner in space, Betty has a physical avatar based on Rubin's desire; the most beautiful thing on his eyes. Rubin draw and remodel her via holographic projector during freetime. Only he can see it.

Special abilities

She was quite designed to be a one-man crew. She can analyse and take control any system of the ship that are computer-controlled, which could reduced the significant amount of crews onboard. For that case of Bones, she can operate the ship's defense, as well as jumping calculation.

She can do anything he want, followed any commands he give. If there's fifty of hers, he would control the entire fleets.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

No one know when Betty was born or programmed, but she has been passed on to different owners several times. She's stored inside the chip a size of a credit card.

The latest owner is Rubin Bones, who got her chip from his personal revenge raid, secured in a suitcase. Throught it's a ordinary navigation chip, he slotted into the computer on his personal keep Betty Mary, which he give her current name.

Morality & Philosophy

Betty personality is various. She can be a calmly and wise, or tempered and aggressive to any person. The internal memory can't tell if she hold all previous owners' commands logs due to her adaptive and capability to any situation like she's always self-learning.

She can be your best friend after all.

Current Status
Operating Betty Mary for 5 years
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Betty Mary
Vehicle | Oct 10, 2021
Rubin Bones
Character | Dec 29, 2021


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