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Rubin Bones

Rubin Bones is a captain of spaceship Betty Mary. Raiding and smuggling to survive, he's one of the well-known in the pirate community.

No one really knows where did he came from and where he's going right now. The only thing that ensures his legacy is an incredible amount of bounties wanted by the Confederation across its territory.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

He might be the plainest person you have ever seen. He always wears a black leather duster with a golden edge.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Since he was young he want to become the pilot, but the academy rejected him, so he become the pirate instead. For the most of his life he did advanturing alone, meeting pirate friends (kinda), and being chased by the confederation - anything to survive. His skill developed over time and so do his reputation.

He acquired MSP-035, a missing Mulati covette, to turn it to his crib. It'd been named Betty Mary.


Contacts & Relations

Bones doesn't want anyone to aboard his ship. He does have a trust problem since the last he gave a hands, he lost everything. Bones' only companion is an A.I. named after his ship, BETTY. She came from the prototype chip Bones looted from one of his revenge raid, thinking it was a ordinary navigation chip. She control the ship's activity as well as coordinating for the jump.

Major Spoiler!

He has to face the same situation again when recently, he just helped survivors of the wreckage he's witnessing its destruction: Franklin Endur and Mortis Alba.

Currently Boarded Vehicle
Long Black
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
1.78 m
Owned Vehicles

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Author's Notes

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