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Instant Planeter

What would happen if we can turn any planet to be like Earth by pushing a button? This is the answer.

Normally, the terraforming process take an amount of resources and time to complete. It also has a restriction not only to pick the right one, but the result might not be as good as it seems.

Instant Planeter is the

/* simple concept of*/

terraforming tool that able to turn any planet, without consider any condition, to become habitable in (or close to) an instant, which will reduce necessary requirements. Randomly choose any rock in the universe and it will become the Earth.

Sadly, such progressive and useful tool was lost, because it can create life, so it can destroy life as well. Therefore whoever acquire this, not only can control the fate of the galaxy, but the whole universe.

/*it was develop by an unknown terraformer organization, using it to create their own colonies. However, the tool is heard by possibly the planet creator company, and so being copromised. They destoryed it and took all information and blueprint, fleed into the void.*/

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Cover image: by Tsvetelin Krastev


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