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Huegan Empire

Huegan Empire is a member of the Major Six. After a devastation due to civil war the government managed to develop an stability and economy, rapidly growing its influence. It’s so fast that threatened the remaining Major Six, especially Mulatos, the big brother.

The home planet is a lush planet called Muchez. The entire nation has a population of 200 million, with 400 planets colonized, and maybe a hundreds more with the business of colonization industry.


The Huegan Empire is ruled by the king, who is also a confederate councilor, an important position in the confederation.

Space Inheritance

The Huegan Empire is divided into several sections, giving to his loyal noblemen to rule, making each section have separated authority. Rather feudalism than federalism, however, they must provide some of their resources to the king section, with an exchange for a Confederation’s privilege.


The Huegan was one of the colonial state that fought against their lords in the Foundation War. They're so small and autonomous compared to other nations, and thus when the king of the colony that most participation in war, befriended with other nobles, forming a loosely league.

However, they wars against themselves so often. For the past 400 years they're big three civil wars and several minor one. The later king's decide to do the reform. This made was crucial; Parliament was formed, the power of nobles decreased. The nation also began spreading Nationalism and Imperialism to people and more colonizing, so the territories grew. Spaceships were more produced. The result so quickly threatened the Confederation, especially Mulatos, resulting in military arm race.

The War

After the Earth scorched, with unconcluded justification, Mulatos declared war on Huegan. They're both ready.

The moment to shine had come in The Battle of Finness. Although they’re totally defeated by the Mulati's questionable size, the Huegan had destroyed quarters of them, showing an advantage to other nations.

Geopolitical, Empire
Predecessor Organization
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy

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