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Mortis Alba

Mortis Alba is the main protangonist of The Couple, The Smuggler, and the Machine of Life.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She's born on the city-planet of Conventum. Her father is the maintainer while her mother is the planet constructor working at Otherworld Construction Corp. When she's 6, her father died in the mysterious tragic accident occured on his DSC station. She then lived with her mother until she died of natural cause.


She got a job on OOC like her mother did, to becoming the worker. Then she got laid off and thus angered her which motivated her to do such an illegal operation that might risk her life.

When she joined the Nature Harmonic, an terraforming company, she's heard about the company's biggest dream, Instant Planeter, the thing her father like to told.

After months of researching, the coordinate of its existence has been found, and it's on the arid planet of Finness which somehow being secured by the OOC. She gathered the team to get it and it's an online Pocket Map. The operation cause many life and she lost many friends along the way. It almost took her own life until somebody rescured her.


Contacts & Relations

She has been rescured by Franklin Endur, the man who give her hands while being chased by the enemies. Since aborting his ship, she began to falling in love with him despite their arkward interactions.

Current Location
Currently Boarded Vehicle
Dark, short, and wavy
58 kg

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