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Otherworld Construction Corp.

Otherworld Construction Corp. aka O.C.C. is the private corperation experting on constructing artificial planet for colonization. They have created more than 1,000 celestial bodies for the past centuries.

Their biggest rival is Nature Harmonic.


The highest rank is chairmen of the high board, with high chancellor elected from it as the leader. They used the mega spaceship as headquarter that move consistently. The army is capable of 200 fleets ready to operated.


The company experts of megastructure and resources gathering, which make them very rich. The government likely to fund them their stuffs from, therefore owning lot of resources provided in C.S.E. territories.


It's vision of the founders, who was responsible to create an artificial world on the system in which contain only the belt of asteriods. As the government is messy on DSC, the project was successfully built. Since then the government help funding the company for future development. Since then they developed   It wasn't last long and the being cut after the malfunction, in which damaged the company's reputation. However, as most of the resources are theirs, the government can't call off the deal absolutely. Both of them did dirty job on each other.   The company can finally overcome the nation after the Catastrophe of Earth. They detached itself from the conflict, creating their own army from modifying their own assets, and used them to reunited human as they could.
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