The Forwood Rebellion

The dark side of love

The Forwood rebellion took place in 5305 EA and lasted for two months. Lord Thomas Forwood led a rebellion against High Lord to his wife, Lady Ethel Forwood Ezra Hargrove after the discovery of a collection of love letters written by the High Lord to his wife, Lady Ethel Forwood. This conflict would lead to the death of over a hundred men and also to the murder of the High Lord.   Lord Forwood marched his army on the city of Whitecastle. High Lord Hargrove, however, had some warning and met him with an army of his own outside the city walls. This initial battle was short and bloody, and the High Lord's men were quickly forced to retreat inside the city.   What followed was a siege on the city of Whitecastle. Lord Forwood knew that his time was limited, as he assumed the High Lord would have called for his other vassals to come to his aid. The Forwood soldiers did their best to prevent this by shooting down any messenger birds they could, though they could not be sure one had not already slipped by them.
Infiltration was the only option. Forwood chose a couple of his most trusted men to slip through the sewer system and into the castle. Once there, they murdered the High Lord, which went against all the known etiquette of engagement.   After the rebellion, Lord Forwood was arrested and placed on trial in front of the five High Lords of Serukis, including Ezra's young son, Tristan. The trial ended with Lord Forwood being sentenced to death.

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