Infection of the Brood


This should really be called a summary, 31 prompts was apparently too much for my brain.
  • Narti and Ram begin working together against Lady Death.
  • Narti uses a trick to draw Lady Death out from Bastion and over the Wyld.
  • Ramstabs Lady, sending her crashing to the earth.
  • In exchange, Ram opens his Capital up to the Wyld Elves and lets Narti fester in Ravenpeak.
  • Over the next 80 or so years, these Elves begin to slowly move from Ravenpeak to Graystone.
  • Once a large enough population is there, the plan is to take over in the name of Narti.
  • Destruction of Graystone caused by Jerith Marr leads to the plan being sped up.
  • The plot springs into action, several Guilds fall to the Brood.
  • Graystone is occupied by Narti's Brood..
  • After a year, Graystone has gone under some pretty extensive changes to make the place more liveable to the Elves. Addition of greenery and wildlife.
  • Lady Death comes back, Ram leaves. Narti loses a lot of power.
  • Gravehunter's come back from their attacks around Haven to reclaim Graystone.
  • Battle over several months ends in an agreement that non-combatant Elves can live within Graystone and the Guilds regain control.

General Information

Conflict Type
Military Campaign
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Author's Notes

This article was created for Summer Camp 2021. This means it is likely incomplete and not to be taken as fully canon within the setting.

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Hah! The lists! I have so many of those as well - but great ideas there, Please let me know when this is actually complete!   Thank you for submitting on my special category! I really hope you enjoyed taking part in SummerCamp this year.

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