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The Great War

Sometimes known as The Race War

"The Great War, a stain of Human history, a gash into the diverse tapestry of sentient life. So many sentient lives were lost, and some were driven to extinction through this largely-unnecessary war. It caused famine and disease, and has destroyed a large amount of this planet's culture. We hope to shed light on these lost souls, so they can move on to their next life."
---Introductory excerpt from 'Beyond the Wall: An Architectural Approach to Ancient Civilizations'

The Conflict


1 AH marks the beginning of the modern era, and the start of a new era in the Sunovian Calendar system. This is the year that Azalea was founded, and the Veremon become a notable human race to the other humans.

In 500 AH, however, Sunovia was invaded overnight, and its three functionally-immortal leaders were murdered, provoking civil unrest. Many pinned the situation on the Veremon, and the other human races started to distrust them. There was very limited evidence that the Veremon did so, so many believed they were being oppressed.

The assassination seems to have been government-sanctioned from Azalea, as in 501 AH, the first bomb dropped onto Sunovia. Immediately, thousands of lives were lost, and a good amount of them were Veremon as well. This forced a civil war among the Veremon, and the other humans had to fight for their lives.


Due to the usage of nuclear bombs made from corrupted Ziel, Elemental Rot was a huge problem for decades after The War. People kept getting infected by this irradiating plague, which caused the Azalean government to order the construction of a wall many meters high and several meters deep.

The construction of this wall took 125 years, as many workers ended up catching the disease and dying. Morbidly enough, the existence of Rot caused fairly quick innovation on the structure and material of PPE, so the amount of lives lost is, to the government, "sacrificed for science".
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
501 AH
Ending Date
550 AH
Conflict Result
Mass Sentient Extinction; The Veremon "Won" the War


Humanity [Sentient]
Humanity [Veremon]


Extremely large spread of individuals throughout the continent; the innate abilities that the sentient races have.
Extremely-advanced military technologies; nuclear bombs carrying Elemental Rot; innate comraderie.


152,406,885 Sentient Lives
2,382,595 Veremon Lives
Thousands of Years' Worth of Culture Ultimately Lost
148,835,751 Veremon Lives due to Elemental Rot
23,575,002 Veremon Lives due to Voluntary Draft


To, ultimately, survive. Remove the Veremon menace from the planet if we can, as it exists to destroy us.
To destroy those creatures who belittle us, as they act superior to us despite their inferior technology.

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