The Demon of the Hollow

From the moment the party landed in the Hollow, they knew things would be just difficult as Ariza claimed. Despite their years adventuring, they'd never traveled to another plane. Here, everything felt wrong. Every action felt more draining than it should and the moments perpetually felt like the last hour of a trip home.   Eventually, the party came across a town. But it wasn't really a town, more like the shadow of a town. Planks of wood were missing from the buildings. Emaciated people shuffled about and didn't turn to look up at the party as they approached. At this point, Ariza's anger boiled over, "she can't do this. I won't let her."   Loneli and Priscilla exchanged nervous looks. "What are you talking about? Who are you talking about? ...and can you please be a little quieter. How can you be so intense right now? ...everything aches."   Pins of hot anger pricked Ariza's skin from heat to toe. The Demon of the Hollow, this was all her doing. "We have to do something to help these people. The demon who runs these parts, she's a tyrant and clearly does not care about her people. And since she's not coming to us, we'll take the battle to her."
Write an arousing speech which gets Ariza's party and the townsfolk to revolt against the Demon of the Hollow.
  The party and townsfolk approached the demon's keep and to their surprise, she was waiting for them.   "Ariza, darling. I was wondering when you'd pay me a visit. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling particularly hospitable today. Take your friends and go home."   The nonchalance sent a ripple of doubt through the mob but Ariza remained steadfast.   "We won't let you keep sapping the lives of these people. Enough is enough. Your soul sucking days are over."   "I'm not in the mood for your petulance child. Let me teach you how to respect your elders, shall I?"
"Tsk. Oh, honey." Behind the laughter, there's pity in the demon's eyes. The carnage splayed out before her with only Ariza left as a witness. "You didn't think you'd actually be able to beat me. This" - she gestured grandly - "is my domain. You of all people should know better. Go back to your plane. Lick your wounds and I'll see you at the next family gathering." Turning to walk away, she throws over her shoulder, "and please bring your friends. I'm sure everyone would love a light snack."   In that moment, Ariza turns away from the demon who haunted her childhood and rushes to Loneli. Frantically trying to stop the bleeding, she curses herself for not buying that bloody healing potion.

Future Edits

Replace the carousel of Still Weaving by Self with images of Ariza, Loneli, the party, and the Demon of the Hollow Details to Add
  • Ariza is a tiefling
  • Loneli is an aasimar bard who specializes in healing
  • Loneli survives (other party members...?)

  • Cover image: Golden Clouds by Lauren Nelson


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