The Bloodstone Fissure

The Bloodstone Fissure was a rebellion in Varenval that took place approximately 83 eochs ago. The rebellion, in which many farmers and workers rallied behind a group of magical engineers, last for 17 deochs until the last of the rebellion camps was destroyed by the Army of the Vale.   If tales in Varenval are to be believed, the rebellion began as a subterfuge plot concocted by a group of Halden (Konard) who sought to expand Konardian borders while also creating relative stability north of their country. Though creating a series of tunnels and small roads through the foothills and crags along the southern Vale expanses, these Halden were able to provides supplies and limited intelligence to a work site in southwestern Varenval where a Deep Temple was being built. Thanks to limited trade with the construction group there, given that certain wooden components were required which were easier to purchase in Konard than haul from northern Varenval, the Halden were able to have limited conversations with The First and The Last (the names given to the two engineers). Through these conversations, they convinced The First and The Last that they should rebel against the Empire and create either their own country or join Konard.   The First and The Last rallied the workers behind them, spreading ideals of peaceful coexistence and of equal labour among the people. The Empire was known for its cold cruelty, but many thought that the Empire was the only nation in Laerdt'nah that still understood that taking and destroying were the only true justifications for like itself. Over a period of four deochs, the engineers had the farmers and workers spread these ideals to other nearby camps, villages, and settlements, eventually building up a force of approximately 10,000 people.   However, they were not subtle enough and word had reached the Emperor before the rebellion was meant to begin. The Emperor was not concerned about the rebellion and let it foment, hoping to build up a larger rebellion that he could crush in one fell swoop. However, two Valewalkers thought that, acting on their own, they could suppress the rebellion and gain the Emperor's favour. They moved on the encampments, taking a small military force with them, capturing settlements and putting rebels in jail or turning them into effective slaves. By the time the Valewalkers reached the Deep Temple, the rebellion was well aware of them and The First and The Last easily defeated the small force, using the Valewalkers as examples of the Emperor's arrogance and stupidity. Emboldened, the rebellion began to march toward Mal.    Before they reached Mal, the Emperor himself rode out with the Army of the Vale to crush them. Before the Emperor could arrive however, The First and The Last enacted their plan to use magic and machines to pull the ground apart, creating a fissure between their forces and the army. They planned to use war machines, that they had developed, to destroy the army before bridging the fissure and either taking Mal or forcing the Emperor to surrender. Instead, the Emperor himself close the fissure (how remains unclear) and the Army of the Vale killed many rebels that day, supposedly filling what was left of the fissure with their blood.
Conflict Type
Military Campaign


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