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The Uprising

The beginning of it all. The conflict which changed the world entirely.

The Conflict


For a month before the New Year, strange phenomena began to take place worldwide. Lights dancing in the sky like giant fireflies and searchlights; rapid plant growth which broke through concrete and covered entire buildings, even in snowy cities. A strange static electricity lay in the air and a feeling of general unease fell over the people.   Then, The Broadcast was released. The fae called for recognition and political power, and many countries began a vote to decide if those demands would be met -- whether that vote was inside their governments or filled by the people. World leaders were given six months to come to their final decision.   When many countries chose to reject Fae presence, riots were sparked. Fae and their supporters rose up against the governments -- and the governments responded violently.


At first the conflicts were minor, with riot police and small military groups pushing back rioting civilians, but things escalated over time. The Qealin responded to the military violence with attacks of their own, and when the world's powers saw their smaller forces were not enough it soon exploded into all-out war with entire militaries clashing and high civilian casualties.


The battlefield, for the most part, were the cities of the world. Cleansed and fae fought tooth and claw to take control of the world's powers and it was the civilian population who paid the price. Homes were destroyed, towns overrun by plant life or destroyed by explosions. The center of some cities was cordoned off and made into a rallying point for Cleansed forces. The world was in chaos, and even as the Cleansed were forced to remain in their city safehouses, the fighting still continued, right up until the Cleansed cities were fully constructed and shut off from fae forces, four years after the initial broadcast was heard.
Start Date
6 Months PB
Ending Date
4 PB
See: History of the Uprising

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