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The 3011 Revolution

The Six Hour Slaughter is what Oligarchy called it - despite it numbering 8 total hours. This helped downplay the surprising success of the conflict. While individual hits were useless in most ways - and most of the confrontations ended in severe bloodshed - there were many key gains that would lead to the success of those in the 3040's who would go on to use their groundwork as a path to success.   Folks were killed, but their bloodshed let others access the upper floors. This information was sent down, and would later be used to compile war strategies to target the Government. Information was gathered, and the iron in the blood spilled went on to forge the blade that would then end the Oligarchy many years later.

The Conflict


Revolution was scheduled to be timed with the 3:30pm Station Weather System Update. Once the interior cycled from Sunny to Rain - Creating the phrase "First Drop is First Blood".


The Field of this War extended from Floor 500 up into Floor 81, with one straggler actually making it to Floor 11 before being killed.


Groundwater Filtration had been active at the time of the earliest bloodshed, contaminating the station's water supply. Traces of blood could be found in the lower station's water supply for up to 4 years after the conflict, and resulted in an outbreak of various bloodborn diseases.   Revolution was quelled for the time being, however public disapproval was increased as a result of the sheer volume of incidence.


The 3011 Revolution would radicalize the then-Cadet Grayhawk Sveltzer, who sought to remove the edge that Weaponry gave the Stationside Forces. It would also take the lives of several parents of future revolutionaries - who would go on to pen the Refounding Documents many years later.   Information and sub-station paths that were unknown prior would also lead to the benefit of Espionage - a key to victory in the 3048 Revolution.

Historical Significance


In the modern day, we remember the 3011 Revolution mostly as a failure - most of the propagandizing from that era has still remained within our populations. Yet actions have been taken to recall this event in finer truth.   At the fall of the Oligarchy, the 15th of December was declared a Holiday of rememberance - however no official events began until 3211 - the 200 year anniversary - where the station made to tint their rainwater red and held a minute of silence. This became a yearly observation soon after.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
December 15th, 3011, 3:30pm Station Time
Ending Date
December 15th, 3011, 11:26pm Station Time
Conflict Result
Complete Victory to the Oligarchy


The Oligarchy Police State


Full Station Access, Dedicated Anti-Personnel Weapons, Ship Defenses, Anti-Riot Measures.
Preparation, makeshift weaponry, limited station knowledge above Floor 100 (Compared to what was to be publically availible, this was notible)


19 Security Personnel injured, 2 killed.
1,200 Rioters Injured, 2,100 killed.


Defend the Untouchable Heaven, Cease Hostilities with Crew, Execute Riot Leaders.
Reach the Untouchable Heaven, Depose the Oligarchy, Cease control of Codai Majorus

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