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The Refounding Documents

Penned in 3048 CE, the Majorus Majority Manifesto is the name that came to haunt The Refounding Documents. Authored into existance by several now-famous figures amongst our Government's history, the contents of this paper were a series of angry papers, complaints, and demands targetting the then-present Oligarchical rulers.   Almost 100 years of political malaction and cruelty towards the station - which they held by threat of death and mistreatment - had generated a deep-seated distain towards the rulers. The Oligarchy, meanwhile, lived in the laps of luxury at the very peak of the station - nicknamed the Untouchable Heaven by those brave enough to disgrace the helm - with the profits, proceeds, and resources of the station being drawn to their very laps. There was nothing the station could do.   That was until the Asan Conflict (Exhibit #601, Section 4). After the destructon of 80% of the Military Fleet, the Oligarchy made to move large portions of Station Security into military training and weakened their ranks by rebuilding their weapon systems once again. This lead to an unsuccessful revolt in 3011, 12 years after the Asan Conflict.   The sheer lack of weapons against the firearms of the security lead to the nickname "The Six Hour Slaughter" - An attempt to use a name that has been assigned to the Asan Conflict in order to create misinformation.   By 3044, General Grayhawk Sveltzer had been making his way up the military ranks; but his traitorous edge had lead to him providing information, plans, supplies where possible - all towards the sub-ship. Within 4 years, a trained resistance had been brought up, but was too small to effectively fight alone.   But on the day before Third Orbitstide, there was a hack performed on the Information Desemination System - Pushing a series of files under "MANDATORY READING".   Behind the scenes of Greyhawk's Revolution stood several unknown authors - with only two having been later identified; Sir Hendry Twain and Miss Annabelle Sunders. Their tireless work made to produce all forms of reading material for the public of the station; Simple pamphlets for the uninvested up until full-on combattative plans. But most importantly, the documents included information about all of the core systems of the station - and instructions on how to sabotage them.   The layman became the Activist, and by the time that the orbits co-insided, the once-Untouchable Heaven was breached and the Oligarchy executed bar none.   The document went on to be withdrawn; the files had included self-destructive measures to ensure the information could not be used ad nauseum. Too much of a risk to the station's security, the justification rang out. But soon after, the non-threatening articles were re-released for the sake of history.   They are presented here, now, for your perusal - albiet in printed form.

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As a result of the paper's publishing, the Oligarchy of Codai Majorus was overthrown - leading to the present government.
Statement, Political (Manifesto)
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