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Coup of Storms

The Coup of Storms was an upscale rebellion that occurred in the Tondro region located in the Komunumo continent. It was also known as the "Bloody Storm" due to its many casualties left in wake of the rebellion and battles.   After the Wicked King executed several supposed rebels from the Council of Nature as well as enslaving innocent civilians as their punishment, a small party called the Kolerego de Ŝtormo gathered soldiers, magicians, and citizens through a demonstration convincing them to open their eyes from their ignorance of the corruption and abuse the Wicked King has given to the Elvish country.   With this series of demonstrations, the Kolerego organized the coup behind the king's back.

The Conflict


On the full moon of Ventus 864, soldiers of the Tondro kingdom walls were killed during the opening hours of the coup by the assault team of the Kolerego. At first, the monarchy paid no heed to these sudden attacks, thinking they could capture them and torture them until they could confess about their leaders.   But after they captured their supposed attackers, it revealed that they were nothing more than mere criminals controlled by a powerful magician. A small mistake that signaled the start of the new revolution.


After the fight was over and the rebellion took over the castle, the Kolerego de Ŝtormo put down the Wicked King through a public execution. The corrupted nobles who participated in the abuse and corruption were also planned to be executed. However, it was only the intervention of several monarchs of other kingdoms that spared their lives after a series of debates and discussions, and as per the agreement, they would be sentenced to prison for their sins against the country


Once the Wicked King was executed, one of the members of Kolerego de Ŝtormo, a former prince, decided to disband the monarchy and decided on replacing it with the government system by placing his trusted advisors and strategists into his Council of Senators.
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The Kolerego de Ŝtormo emerged victorious

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