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Bloodplain's Redoubt

Northeast of Emtatuk, the plains run red with blood. For years, the high races have hunted and purged the lower races from the territory. Kobolds, lizardfolk, and bugbears. But the people are not prepared for the rising of the races. Gathered together, the lesser races rebelled and tore away from the fortification. A trail of blood follows as they cut their way to their homelands.   Manacles broken, weapons seized, the groups clamored against their opponents. The alarm blares and draws the attention. But the damage has been done. Hundreds fell in the encounter as the group fled to the Northwest toward the territories of the Gnoll's and ogres. The humans wouldn't follow this direction they thought. But they pursued them into the marshlands. There, the wars continued as montrous tribes rallied together. Is the time for resolution past? The armies gathered and the paths intersect. Fortified positions are still present to this day, watching for the movements over the horizon. It is hard to tell whether the people want to continue the fight and believe in the cause. In the myriad of pitched tents and stands, the people rushed around.   "I am the lord of the stonefield mountain encampment. You recruits have willingly offered your lives in the service of the imperial army. As long as your service is required, you will serve. It is a life sentence and it is an honorable one. My name is Korvan Westbridge of the island city Aurdia, the capital of the state of Naxiran; however, you are never to refer to me by any name except my lord." Raising his hand to the bald man next to him. "This will be your mediator, Gregory Polvish. For some of you he will be your instructor; for others he will simply be your attendent. You will listen to him, though I doubt you will second guess his commands." Gregory smiled with a toothy grin. "Preliminary judgments will decide your designation for the rest of your service; however, unsatisfactory performance or inability to achieve will cause you to be given alternate assignments. This is a simple method of decision used to sort through you quickly."   The words fell through the ranks as the glower expressions found their victims. Far to the Northwest, the clans of the lower races gather in discourse. The discussion would lead to the result that would shape the region for many years to come.
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