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Prompt 31: The Failed Iron Forged Rebelion

About fifty years ago during the second decedent war, unrest in the city of Salire had reached a high point. Most of the workers were putting their all to provide for the war efforet. Many losing their lives in the factories, thanks to accidents and exaustion. It was because of this that tension boiled and reached a breaking point.   It started with protest, which caused damage to the nobles profits. It then grew to some attacks by workers against city guards and leaders of the buisness. Things finally reached its peak, not in the city of Salire, but one of the mining settlements. In this settlement something happened that triggered an esclation that lead to one dead miner. This caused the other miners to pick up the pick axes and eliminate those loyal to the settlement owners.   Eventualy people rallied behind the group who would later call themselves the Iron Forged. Sadly they crossed a line at some point and the nobles got desprate. So they called the aid of the Presari who sent one man to deal with the problem. This man was Inquisitor phoenix. He took the city guard and lead them on a purge to eliminate every key member of the iron forged. Using his power over fire to burn anyone who dare jeprodize the war effort.   It would all end on one long week where they began to roast whole settlements. Making sure to harm as many as possible to show the consequences of rebellion. The final moment of this week was the burning of a portion of the slums. Using the excuse of forbidden magic being used by individuals in the area. With this they broke the spirit of the people.   This would lead to some of the last members being dragged out by towns people so that they could pay for the pain they caused all for daring to create change. After that the spirit of the worker was broken and the nobles of Salire have secured the tools to provide for the war effort and profit from others hard work.

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