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Apseldian War for Independence

During the period of time known as the Elven Wars, half-human half-elves were more often not social pariahs either shunned or victimized by humans and elves alike .   Half-elves (or half-humans as the elves called them) were generally treated poorly by full humans and full elves alike. A lot of them lived on the metaphorical or literal fringes of both societies. Until a band of half-elf adventurers (and one gnome) took a haggard band of perpetual refugees and forged them into a ragtag army and seized the border region and declared themselves an independent nation..   While the Elven Empire was trying to quash mass rebellions of their human subjects and reconquer their recently lost territories from newly declared human nations, a group of half-elves seized a small region nestled between the mountains and the sea.   The ragtag army declared themselves an independent nation and ended up holding their own against both human and elven armies. Their forces were far smaller than the humans and elves, but both the humans and elves were more concerned about fighting each other than quelling a bunch of "upstart half-breeds who are more trouble than they are worth."   That said, they still had to repel two major attempts by the Elven Empire to conquer them and four attempts by humans.   The Apseldians ragtag fought with guerilla war tactics with the sole goal of making any invader reconsider any further actions. They were very harsh to any prisoners they captured, something some Apseldian scholars say was unnecessary centuries later.   They also engaged in a lot of banditry and a little bit of piracy scavenging a lot of the nation's critical supplies in the early years by stealing it.  This resulted them in sending adventurer sorties into enemy lands.  A lot of these sorties tried to liberate half-elves in other lands that were either figurative or literal prisoners of the the full humans or full elves.

The Conflict


The Elven Empire viewed as more trouble than it was worth to conquer Apseldia, at least not until after the humans were defeated, but they did blockade the fledgling republic and caused the Apseldians food shortages, but the Apseldians claim this only brought them together as a people and made them stronger in the long run.


This created some bad blood between Apseldia and their human and elven neighbors for generations to come though it has softened somewhat over time.

Historical Significance

The lands now known as Apseldia were once a border region between the Elven Empire, territory and the then fledgling free human nations of Umera.   For decades The lands in and around Apseldia changed hands between different sides many times. At this time in history, most half-human half-elves were the product of rape, not from marriages, true love, or casual trysts. Neither elves nor humans were blameless in this.   Most half-elves had no true refuge before Apseldia's founding.


Apseldia is now arguably political success story for the Lanterns and assorted anti-monarchist/pro-republic factions.  Also the half elves have an independent nation despite having less numbers than other races that still lack an independent nation.   Many down and out groups have turned to Apseldia as an example to follow but so far Apseldia has yet to have a true sister nation.  The vast majority of idealistic rebels and nation builders trying to copy the Apseldian revolutionary model fail completely and lose their revolutions.  Those that succeed have their fledgling nations in less than a generation.
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Military Campaign
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Apseldia established itself as the strongest republic Scarterra has ever known

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