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Glow Rebellion of 4999

Inspired By World Anvil Summer Camp 2021: "A Bloody Coup, Rebellion or Uprising In Your World's History."

Glow Rebellion of 4999 is a current ongoing rebellion by an underground network know by the name of Red Hawks within Glow City. The Church of the Glow commits religious persecution against anyone who does not follow the churches teachings. Anyone found following unauthorized teaching will be "re-educated".   Those that are "re-educated" are taken away and put into "detention camps".  In these "detention camps," people are held in overcrowded conditions with poor hygiene and food standards. They are "re-educated" to rid them of what the glow deems as heresy. If one is found to not be "educatable" they will be sentenced to public death by burning.   Before the rebellion started originally those who were found following unauthorized teaching were merely fined, but after a sharp increase in the population, economic depression, unemployment, high food prices, and energy shortage the church started to wave their political weight around the nobility to take more control of the city. The church views those not following the teachings to be angering the glow and they think this is the cause of the problems within the city.   Many people immigrated to the city to seek work, make a name for themselves, etc... Also during this time, the Glow City Mine has started to run dry of raw ore. Glow City mostly relies on ore and refined metals as trade exports, leading to the depression. The energy shortage is caused by a Lava Dragon deep underground destroying any pipes or scouts sent to the area where it is currently nesting.
Type: Rebellion
Leaders: To Be Determined
Start Date: Year 4999
End Date: To Be Determined
Location: Glow City

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