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The Mystery of Kilwell

One of the greatest mysteries of Aroa is what happened in Kilwell some 400 years ago. Historians of today and investigators from then, could not find a single attributable cause. The agreed upon history is some powerful entity or group had attacked the town and killed everyone inside.   Some historians are quick to point out the holes in that argument.
  1. The town was not looted. The town treasury was intact and valuables could still be found in homes and on people. If raiders had come they would have raided.
  2. Presence of barricades. Numerous barricades and other types of fortifications were found scattered around the town. This suggested they townsfolk both were being attacked and had enough time to construct defenses. Yet, best guesses show that most of the citizens (90%) died within two days of each other.
  3. The spread of bodies around town suggests people were acting in groups. Clusters of townsfolk were found inside buildings or out in the streets. Indicating there was some level or organization.
  4. Many of the wounds found on the bodies were consistent with weapons, tools, or other objects found within the town. 
  A counter theory is much bleaker. Some event or catalyst caused everyone in the town to begin murdering each other. Only later turning to forming groups before eventually turning on themselves as well.

The Conflict


The entire town and the surrounding shores and cliffs.


98% confirmed deaths of the population (2% never found) of the town and immediate destabilization of the region around the town.


The town never fully recovered. The population, even after 400 years is still only half that of before the mysterious event.

Historical Significance


Kilwell is believed to be haunted. Myths claim that ghosts come and steal people away. Fairies trick citizens to walk into the Osman Bay. One common myth states what ever happened 400 years ago is likely to happen again at any time to claim the lives of everyone who lives there.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Ending Date
Conflict Result
Destruction of the town of Kilwell


Citizens of Kilwell


3724 people (according to the most accurate census)


98% confirmed dead 2% missing




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