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Chalcedony Cleaver

A magical axe once owned by the King of the Deep. It was lost in time together with its owner, last being seen 19 centuaries ago.   It got its name from a large Chalcedony gem which sat in its middle. It is said to have given its magic of strong acids.  


A large curved blade, silver and semi-circular, tops this metal axe. Its sharp edge is decorated with a golden pattern inspired big ore veins. Continuing on the other side the blade turns into a dagger like extrusion to be able to penetrate thicker armor. The dark shaft is made of metal but magic allows it to be hollow to reduce its weight. Where the shaft and the blade joins a fist sized Chalcedony gem is embedded within the axe.  


The axe allows its user to call forth strong acid with each swing. It can call forth different types of acids, allowing an experienced fighter to choose the one most appropriate against the opposing material.  


Created by the people that followed The Deep King as a gift. After the Linnheart Crown was given to the king another group of miners gave the Chalcedony Cleaver to not be worse.   According to some myths the Scar of the Deep King was created by this weapon during the Kings mythological final battle. While many myths and prophecies focus on the Linnheart Crown, due to its more romantic nature, the Chalcedony Cleaver is often also referenced. Especially among warriors and in the countless legends about the Deep Kings battles the weapon is of utmost importance. There is versions of the prophecy Return of the Deep King in which the Chalcedony Cleaver was said to be what sealed the king within the stone, and that a chalcedony gem, taken from the same place as the one in the axe, is to be presented to revive the lost king.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
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